We proudly present to you the first World Flour Day 2022 story. This amazing story was sent to us from the USA.  Master Baker Alex Castiello writes:

“Flour and Water make Miracles! My Grandfather told me this on his last year on this earth when I was ten years old.

I’m now 77 years old and I and my two sons, who are now Fourth Generation Bakers.

We help a great bunch of partners’ supply 21 Pizzerias. From Maine to Massachusetts. Our Organic Dough is also in Supermarkets all the way to Texas. Presently we are producing over 40,000 pounds per week supplying our stores and supermarkets.”

Three generations of bakers in one picture

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Center Alex Castiello  |  77 years old  | Master Baker

Right Jared Castiello  |  35 years old  | Plant Manager

Left  Julian Castiello  |  28 years old  |  Production manager