Flour means the world to us

Fascinating personal flour stories from around the globe

ottoportland worldflourday2022 Flour and Water truly make Miracles!  - We proudly present to you the first World Flour Day 2022 story. This amazing story was sent to us from the USA.  Master Baker Alex Castiello writes: "Flour and Water make Miracles! My Grandfather told me this on his last year on this earth when I was ten years old. I'm… Continue Reading
Flour means innovation to me! - When I started in milling over 30 years ago, flour was a commodity raw material for me. Flour only became an exciting food for me when I added other ingredients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, inulin, vitamins, etc., to it. Today, I know that there are over 800,000 varieties of… Continue Reading
memory mukaro Flour to me means stability - I am Memory Mukaro, a lady in a family of four. (1 boy 3 girls). I cruised through primary and secondary school with minimum problems or challenges. After A-levels, I eyed university for a white-collar job or apprenticeship with the airlines. My elder brother Nyasha brought an advert for millers… Continue Reading
Flour and baking are a universal language to me - Imagine you are on a business trip in a foreign country to help customers with some extensive tests, only to realise that you have no common language. What it takes to overcome such barriers are willingness and creativity, as in this true story by our application technologist for South Africa,… Continue Reading
Flour means community to me - Modesty is a virtue that we often experience in the milling industry. While many other corporations live up to the slogan “do good and talk about it,” we are often amazed by the social initiatives of our milling customers, which comes natural to them. This was something our Southern African… Continue Reading
Zenari Flour is our success story! - We at Zernari are a Ukrainian producer and supplier of grain, wheat flour and grits of high quality. Ukraine is often called the “breadbasket of Europe”, and we set out to become the best in the industry on the Ukrainian market. Here we’d like to tell you how we achieved… Continue Reading
Familie Seibold To me, flour means 1000 possibilities - There are so many types and varieties of flour, and countless great recipes you can make from this wonderful raw material. Flour also means home to me. When I go into the mill and breathe in the smells of the mill and the flour, I feel at home. Mrs. Seibold… Continue Reading
Flour to me is working together with wonderful people all around the globe - In my function as Regional Director Middle East and Africa I have a great team, and we are all part of the growing MC family. I've always had many opportunities to travel for work, to meet our partners and customers on site, and I’ve also had the chance to live abroad. Before I moved to the… Continue Reading
Molinos Nacionales C.A Manufacturers of love - Every day, around 6:30 a.m., countless hearts gather around a special place, our milling plant. Between "good morning", coffees and joy, every worker delivers a pinch of love and passion in every task he/she performs, making each of our plants a special, important place. More than 60 years ago, our… Continue Reading
Flour to me is magic and tradition - I've always been fascinated by flour! My father was a farmer, so as a child I was helping sowing the wheat, watching it grow through winter and spring, to finally harvest it in summer, was the flow of life. I especially loved harvesting time when you could finally see and… Continue Reading
Flour to me is passion - Milling has become my passion, way of life and language. After being in the industry for some years now, it has embodied into my subconscious mind, has become part of me and now in my blood and genes. I love the art and science behind it. I love the quality… Continue Reading
What does flour mean to you? - Saalemühle Alsleben GmbH used World Flour Day as an opportunity to conduct interviews with its employees in order to answer this question. The video that we present to you here was created from the exciting answers. With more than 150 employees, the Saalemühle processes approx. 1,300 t/24 h of wheat… Continue Reading
Flour to us is history and the present … and the basis of many of our favorite dishes in China - Wheat has been cultivated in China for over 4,000 years. As early as the Neolithic Age (about 4,000 years ago), there are records of cooked wheat food in China. By the Chunqiu and Warring States period, fried and steamed wheat foods had appeared. Since then, with the improvement of cooking… Continue Reading
To me, flour is above all an ingredient for social belonging - I’m sure many of us have cozy, warm memories of baking with our mother or grandmother, and in my case even with my great-grandmother. As a true Viennese, naturally this included baking bread, rolls and apple strudel. Preparing the dough took the entire morning and that, plus the aroma of… Continue Reading
Malayan Flour Mills Berhad World Flour Day 2022 To me, flour means a passion for seeking knowledge - I’ve always been fascinated by how flour is produced from a single grain of wheat! Flour can be milled from whole wheat grains, or from a portion of the grain or combinations of different portions, to give different flour properties for making different types of foods with different flavours, textures,… Continue Reading
Heimatsmuehle World Flour Day 2022 Flour is one of the biggest origins of life - Grain and flour have always had a big meaning to me. From the beginning of my childhood, everything was connected to that product of nature. And I never lost my reference for it and the opportunity it provides for the society.To me, flour is the door opener to a beautiful… Continue Reading
South Amman Mills World Flour Day 2022 Flour to me means life - It is very valuable to all of us, the amount of food products that are produced using flour feeds enormous number of people every day, helping us to fight starvation and malnutrition by relying on flour to supply us with vital nutrients in addition to a large proportion of the… Continue Reading
Vimaflour World Flour Day 2022 For me, flour means great memories of my youth - For me, flour means great memories of my youth. Whenever my father, a coal mine worker, returned home from work he brought fresh bread, a highlight of my day. Since then, I wanted to pursue a career in the flour milling industry, which I’m doing now for more than 20… Continue Reading
Prima Ltd Singapore World Flour Day 2022 It’s is all about the right flour - For Kay Kong Lim from Prima, it is all about the right flour that makes the best products. Kay Kong Lim | Executive Director | Prima Ltd. Singapore Continue Reading
Tien Hung Flour Mill World Flour Day 2022 Flour means my life, my love song - Flour means my life, my love song. Bột mì là cuộc sống, là bản tình ca của tôi Mr. Van Ba | Miller | Tien Hung Flour Mill Vietnam Continue Reading
Moderna Alimentos S.A. World Flour Day 2022 Flour means personal and professional development to me - In my lifetime I have turned thousands of tons of wheat into flour, which has probably contributed to the development and growth of many Ecuadorean families and those families make bread or produce biscuits or pasta or perhaps cakes or any kind of products in which wheat flour is used… Continue Reading
Мелькомбинат № 3 World Flour Day 2022 Flour is 75 years of tradition to us -  We’d like to tell you about our legendary plant - Moscow Flour Combine No. 3 - and its main product, flour. The history of the plant started in the middle of the Great Patriotic War (Second World War). To build the mill, components of the Leningrad Flour Combine were removed… Continue Reading
Girl’s Club World Flour Day 2022 Flour to us is community support as in this wonderful project! Flour and Girls Power - Covid posed challenge on people and communities all across the globe, yet in every crisis there are peCovid posed challenges for people and communities all across the globe, yet in every crisis there are people who roll up their sleeves to help: A small team in Uganda, Africa named “friends… Continue Reading
CMI Molinos Modernos World Flour Day 2022 Flour with the warmth of a family owned business - At Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), through our CMI Alimentos business association, we follow one motto: “Feeding your world for its wellbeing”. We have worked towards this after more than 85 years in the milling sector. This trajectory makes us proud, allowing us to be a key item in generating sustainable… Continue Reading
Özmercan Kardesler Gida (Turkey,Gaziantep , Hatice Taner World Flour Day 2022 To me, flour is a living organism - Since I've started to learn about wheat flour I want to learn more about it. Flour is a living organism – every flour varies when you analyse it. I researched this phenomenon in detail, comparing mature to freshly milled wheat flour. And as the world turns, the most basic food source that humanity… Continue Reading
Flour is history, tradition, passion, knowledge… - Connecting with the history of flour gives us the guideline to reflect on the leading role played by each person who is part of this important industry, as well as learn from the legacy that they leave from one generation to another. Ignacio Nava For the new generations, it is… Continue Reading
Selçuklu Un ve Yem Turkey , Antalya World Flour Day 2022 To us, flour is passion - Flour is a passion of increasing quality and maintaining stability. The happiness of those who use flour is reflected in the producers. Selçuklu Un ve Yem | Turkey , Antalya Continue Reading
Tinaztepe-Un-Turkey-Afyon-Yasar-Altikulac World Flour Day 2022 Flour to me is the life itself - Flour to me is the life itself, the bread that I eat and earn. Yasar Altikulaç | Tinaztepe Un | Turkey , Afyon SHARE YOUR STORY Continue Reading
Murat Dabaniyast | Masterbaker| Ibrahim Yalçin Un | Turkey, Denizli World Flour Day 2022 To me, flour represents an experience - Flour represents the experience, that I have. It is the white gold, that gives me the spirit to share my knowledge to shape the new generation bakery masters. Murat Dabaniyast | Masterbaker| Ibrahim Yalçin Un | Turkey, Denizli Continue Reading
Grupo Kasto For us, flour is life, prosperity, energy and joy in sharing bread - Flour has been part of humanity, from our hunter-gatherer ancestors, the domestication of wheat, and to this day, the modern milling industry. For us, flour is life, prosperity, energy and joy in sharing bread. Grupo Kasto Continue Reading
Halim Kirtiz Un (Turkey, Antalya ) Egemen Öztürk, Oktay Usta ve Mithat Usta World Flour Day 2022 To us, flour is our handcraft art - Flour with standard quality for the desired application is our handcraft art to reach the human being. Egemen Öztürk | Oktay Usta | Mithat Usta | Halim Kirtiz Un | Turkey, Antalya Continue Reading
Öz coskunlar Gida (Turkey, Batman) Suzan hanim World Flour Day 2022 Flour to me means equality - Flour has a great importance in my life. It symbolizes equality; that we are all  equal. Wheat grown in  our land gathers us under one roof without distinction such as color, language and race Suzan Hanim | Öz coskunlar Gida | Turkey, Batman Continue Reading
Ms. Annapoorneshwari |Milling Technologist |Stern Ingredients India | World Flour Day 2022 Flour to me proves, that the sky is the limit - Flour has a great imp Flour to me is a sky limit, as it creates limitless opportunities for rising generations!! This magical ingredient has gained my professional interest and gave me a pathway to understanding how important the value creation chain is. Understanding flour as a milling technologist gave me an… Continue Reading
Flour means family history and community - At Ag Com, Inc., family owned and operated for five generations, we work with local farmers to produce an all-purpose soft wheat flour for the snack food industry. Continue Reading
Genoveva-Rojas World Flour Day 2022 Flour to me means opportunity - Coming to Grupo Trimex and getting involved in the process and transformation of the wheat changed my perspective. Seeing the flour on the table and consuming it fills me with pride, as I am part of making it possible! The work behind a sack of flour, represents the work, effort,… Continue Reading
Luis-Cortes World Flour Day 2022 Flour to me is a way of life! - flour and wheat enigmatic and complexa living being of millenary agehistory and current affairsthe origin of civilizations and culturesinspires and motivatesunites and builds relationshipsthe result of hard and tenacious workrequires dedication and effortit is science and it is artcommitment and sacrificestudy and vocation It is a way of life!It is… Continue Reading
Gabriela Galván World Four Day 2022 Flour to me is life - Flour to me is life. It is the livelihood of many farmers, the daily effort of those who work in a mill and the food of many people. Its versatility and uses, never cease to amaze me. Seeing our flour packages in stores and people putting them in their shopping… Continue Reading
Rosa-Lina-Figueroa World Flour Day 2022 Flour to me means to transcend - Flour means to transcend, because it starts as a seed to become the fruit of wheat. Then, it turns into flour, showing us that after life, there is also life; opening a world of possibilities for the creation of delicious foods, traditions and works of art. It is a symbol… Continue Reading
Erika-Quilla- World Flour Day 2022 Flour helps to develop my creativity - Flour is a versatile ingredient that helps develop my creativity day by day with new challenges to solve.My inspiration and passion is centered on the experiences created around flour. Experiences that have been generated throughout my life: in my childhood, baking cakes and cookies with my family. As a teenager… Continue Reading
Ana-Karina-Roch World Flour Day 2022 Flour means a lot to me! - Flour means a lot to me! With flour, you can make many delicious treats. Daily, people consume many products made from flour. It is part of our diet! I know and enjoy making many tasty desserts. The most important thing is that I am part of the flour industry. I… Continue Reading
Nicolas-Vergara World Flour Day 2022 Flour to me means learning - From an early age, flour means learning. I used to run away from school to learn the art of baking. Some time ago I learned about Centro de Atención Múltiple (CAM), which provides care and training for children and young people with disabilities, as part of a community support program.I… Continue Reading
Hilda-Gonzalez World Flour Day 2022 Flour to me means tradition - Flour for me means tradition.It represents the love that as a mother you add when making tortillas, the joy you feel when baking a birthday cake for a loved one and the stories you transmit in family recipes that everyone enjoy so much. Grupo Trimex and flour have allowed me… Continue Reading
Mario-Ruiz World Flour Day 2022 Flour to me flour is productivity, sustainability and development - I see the great impact wheat flour has in the social, economic and cultural spheres for everyone, for each family, for the community and for Mexico. To me flour is productivity, sustainability and development. Mario Ruiz | Wheat Supply | Grupo Trimex Continue Reading