Grain and flour have always had a big meaning to me. From the beginning of my childhood, everything was connected to that product of nature. And I never lost my reference for it and the opportunity it provides for the society.

To me, flour is the door opener to a beautiful wide range of products. The production of flour itself and grain products in full facets goes along with our mill’s ecological outlook as a matter of course. For that reason, our company’s goal is to “naturally keep on improving”

Franz Xaver Ladenburger | Managing Director Heimatsmühle

Flour for sure has become to be an industrial product within the last decades. But our vision is to maintain and retrieve the environmental balance by putting effort into the development of organic grain products. This goes along with our values of sustainability. The most careful and efficient use of natural resources and energy is extremely important to us.

In a nutshell, flour is one of the biggest origins of life. Not just for me, my family and Heimatsmühle, for people all over the world. We should all respect and take care on that natural resource.