What’s your flour story?

We'd love to hear...

This year we would love to collect and share stories around the personal meaning flour has to you. You can speak for yourself or your mill, your institution, your company, your technology, your bakery, your family, your team. Flour knows no limits.

Tell us what flour means to you personally or professionally, and how it affects, enriches or shapes your life. Whether you’re a pasta maker, a miller or a hobby baker, we’d love to know more about your special relationship with flour!

What does it mean to you? 

How can you share your story?

1 Send us your story – What does flour mean to you?

We’ll be happy to help you finalise the text and translate it.

2 Send us some pictures or videos to go with your story.

Pictures/videos taken with mobile phones are fine.

3 Tell us where you would like to see it featured:

World Flour Day Website                                   
FlourWorld Museum Social Media sites         
Mühlenchemie Social Media sites                  

Please contact us should you have questions.

We look forward to receiving your story and pictures!



⦁ Flour means progress
⦁ Flour means stability
⦁ Flour means tradition
⦁ Flour means identity
⦁ Flour means passion
⦁ Flour means business
⦁ Flour means sustainability
⦁ Flour means employment
⦁ Flour means food security
⦁ Flour means technology