I’m sure many of us have cozy, warm memories of baking with our mother or grandmother, and in my case even with my great-grandmother. As a true Viennese, naturally this included baking bread, rolls and apple strudel. Preparing the dough took the entire morning and that, plus the aroma of baking that suffused the house and eating the resulting treats together, remain unforgettable memories for me.

As time passed, especially through my many business trips, I became acquainted with all kinds of culinary delights and flour-based foods from around the world. And eating together makes everything taste better.

In the last two years flour, the magic ingredient, has gained my professional enthusiasm as well. Here again, it’s all about togetherness – in the MC Family and in a big global team. And I have to admit, although I’ve been in the food industry for over 30 years, that I’ve never been so excited about a product and the associated responsibility, and never had so much respect for the value creation chain, as I do with flour.

Peter Steiner | Global Head of Business Unit | Mühlenchemie

Only as a part of this important value creation chain can I unite my personal values and expectations with those of Mühlenchemie, for high quality, reliability, and respect for people and society. There’s nothing better!