At Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), through our CMI Alimentos business association, we follow one motto: “Feeding your world for its wellbeing”. We have worked towards this after more than 85 years in the milling sector. This trajectory makes us proud, allowing us to be a key item in generating sustainable development to the benefit of all persons, families and communities where we operate.

CMI Molinos Modernos World Flour Day 2022

It all began in 1936 when our founder, Mr. Juan Bautista Gutiérrez, aspiring to a better future for his family and community, founded CMI’s first mill in Guatemala. With hard work and a forward-looking outlook, we now have 24 flour mills throughout Central America, Dominican Republic and Mexico, generating more than 2,600 direct jobs, with the warmth of a family-owned business from the very beginning. 

Over the years, we have evolved without losing our core values: to serve the client with quality products and solutions. Since 2020, we have been migrating our business unit to a B4B (Business for Business) model, integrating balanced food platforms and types of flour, to optimise the purchase and logistics of basic grain and the running of our many productive plants. In this way, B4B provides baking and balanced food solutions for animals, with synergies that strengthen our bonds and allow us to grow alongside our clients: as they say, we are stronger together.

B4B has consolidated our position as flour market leaders in all of Central America, where the Molinos Modernos print and brand remain alive. We have a 60-brand portfolio of strong, semi-strong, soft and pre-mixed industrial flour. This last type has positioned us with value-added products, leveraging the flour print in order to offer our clients a much broader portfolio of solutions for bakers and confectioners all over the world. 

In 2021, we were delighted to inaugurate a new milling unit in Guatemala, thereby increasing our local production capacity by 35%. It has become CMI’s largest flour complex in Central America and the Caribbean. It also specifically evidences how, through investment, we are able to participate in local food health, by contributing quality and innocuous products in sufficient amounts for everyone.

Committed to promoting progress throughout our value chain, we are launching training plans for our partners and back up entrepreneurs in the baking and confectionery sector by arranging courses in technical and business skills that will help their start-ups succeed. We believe in offering the chance to grow as a team, given that there is strength in numbers. 

Finally, as part of our contribution to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we have made a huge effort to reduce our milling emissions: we have installed solar panels in different plants, we have two certified carbon-neutral sites and we have been recognised for our use of renewable energy sources.

CMI Molinos Modernos World Flour Day 2022

As part of this year’s World Flour Day celebrations, we would like to thank our entire team, who show a passion for their work day after day and who give the best of themselves to continue with this milling story that started in 1936. Thanks also to our clients and consumers, for preferring and trusting us. 

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