Flour means to transcend, because it starts as a seed to become the fruit of wheat. Then, it turns into flour, showing us that after life, there is also life; opening a world of possibilities for the creation of delicious foods, traditions and works of art.

It is a symbol of effort, represented with the work of sowing, harvesting and the making of bread or tortillas.
It is union because many people with different backgrounds participate in the entire production process with a common goal.

It also means curiosity for those who had the grandiose idea of ​​finding great value in something so small.

It is the dedication of the people who prepare food with their hands every day.
Finally, it is the imagination of those who see endless opportunities in every pinch of flour.

Rosa-Lina-Figueroa World Flour Day 2022

Rosa Lina Figueroa | Marketing | Grupo Trimex