Every day, around 6:30 a.m., countless hearts gather around a special place, our milling plant.

Between “good morning”, coffees and joy, every worker delivers a pinch of love and passion in every task he/she performs, making each of our plants a special, important place.

More than 60 years ago, our first plant began operations, since then, with headwinds and tailwinds, we have maintained our spirit one hundred percent, our vibrant passion and our desire to share our love for what we do with every customer and consumer, leaving a part of us in every package

Our workers agree that flour is more than an ingredient, it is food for the soul, it keeps families together, creating experiences where love and flavors prevail in the memory. And no wonder.

With more than 60 years of operations in Venezuela, Monaca is a reference in excellence and presence, an attribute that few companies in the country have managed to create, and this beautiful legacy is possible thanks to our people. The heart that flows into this “second home” is felt in every process, every smile, and every anecdote.

Each of our employees has a unique role that is refined every day, and the result of their contributions is a key element to the quality that reaches our consumers and customers. They are all experts in their field!

Many of them, graduates of specialized milling institutes, achieve exclusive apprenticeships in their jobs, making that sense of belonging that makes them proud even more valuable.

Each batch of our production is tested in our experimental bakery, a space where breads, cookies, cakes, pizzas, among other products, are born, which give us proof of the quality of the product we are bringing to the market. Quality that makes us stand out and keeps us on the Venezuelan tables, as a synonym of good taste, history and tradition.

For us, flour is life, reason to exist and reference point, and at Monaca we make it from the heart for the heart.