We at Zernari are a Ukrainian producer and supplier of grain, wheat flour and grits of high quality.

Ukraine is often called the “breadbasket of Europe”, and we set out to become the best in the industry on the Ukrainian market. Here we’d like to tell you how we achieved that goal.
We were the first in Ukraine to build a “Swiss made” mill. For this project we chose to work with Bühler, the world’s leading manufacturer of grain processing machinery. The plant has two production lines with a capacity of 150 tonnes of grain per day per line.

The construction of this mill, with a modern silo system and logistics infrastructure, was the largest investment in the milling industry during the last 30 years!

We invested over US$ 1,000,000 in lab equipment. In contrast to other mills that can only monitor 4 to 6 such parameters, today we are able to monitor 13 quality parameters, including starch damage, water absorption capacity and flour behaviour during dough formation (farinogram).

Our company has over 15,000 hectares of agricultural land, and we control the entire production chain from field to consumer. Rigorous inspection of raw material quality contributes to high product dependability.

We make custom flours that are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers and industrial partners, in order to ensure high production reliability. Currently we offer over 20 wheat and 3 rye flours, and as far as we know we are the only producer of light rye flour on the Ukrainian market.
Thanks to the latest techniques and technology, we can make flours of the highest quality.

We export flour to over 10 countries in Africa, the Near East and Asia. Products made from our flour are exported to Europe, and these products have also long been popular with Ukrainian consumers. 70% of ice cream cones and many of the most delicious baked goods in the national chains are made with Zernari flour.
Our flour is used in well-known baking competitions, in baking trade schools, in artisanal bakeries for high-end specialities, and by large-scale industrial bakeries, because with Zernari flour everything goes smoothly.

The Ukrainian market is evolving rapidly and we’re glad to be able to contribute to that. We would like to thank everyone who chooses Zernari flour for their family!

Happy World Flour Day!
Sincerely, the Zernaris