I’ve always been fascinated by flour! My father was a farmer, so as a child I was helping sowing the wheat, watching it grow through winter and spring, to finally harvest it in summer, was the flow of life. I especially loved harvesting time when you could finally see and feel the outcome of this long and steady natural process.

Then this wheat was turned into flour – white, pure and still. Yet, when you add water and yeast it starts to turn alive to become bread, this amazing aerial structure, crispy and soft at the same time, full of flavours and smells, Magic!

Fabien Varagnac | Head Of Strategic Development at Mühlenchemie GmbH & Co. KG

For us in France bread making and baking – not only of baguette 😉 –  is intricated deep in our tradition and this background of family business and tradition lead me to go deeper into learning and studying flour and baking to understand exactly how this magic happens. It was always my motivation to keep this tradition alive and to extend it. This led me to my studies at the French Milling School and do a vocational training as baker – in a small handycraft bakery – to understand, to feel, to learn and experience this craftsmanship with my own hands. 
And now as part of the MC Family I’m not only diving deeper into #understandingflour but am also able to strategically develop many projects to the next level. That’s making more MC Magic happen.Our workers agree that flour is more than an ingredient, it is food for the soul, it keeps families together, creating experiences where love and flavors prevail in the memory. And no wonder.