It is very valuable to all of us, the amount of food products that are produced using flour feeds enormous number of people every day, helping us to fight starvation and malnutrition by relying on flour to supply us with vital nutrients in addition to a large proportion of the needed protein and daily energy.

Flour also means history to me, as I inherited this profession from my father, who inherited it from my grandparents. Flour milling started a very long time ago, and this industry has improved and developed a lot over time. Today we are able to produce thousands of tons of flour a day. The production process has also become very easy to where we can completely control it via modern and technological operation systems. 

Hasan Al-Hazaa | Production Manager | South Amman Mills

Flour is our universal language, it brings us together wherever we are in this world. We celebrate this day, because it is the international day of the most precious thing that we produce. It is the World Flour Day.

On this important occasion I would like to recall my grandfather’s, the late Sharif Al-Hazaa’s, saying. He used to say that working in the milling field brings us reward and recompense, by producing an indispensable food supply for millions of people in addition to the financial value of these investments.