Flour to me means tradition

Hilda-Gonzalez World Flour Day 2022

Flour for me means tradition.It represents the love that as a mother you add when making tortillas, the joy you feel when baking a birthday cake for a loved one and the stories you transmit in family recipes that everyone enjoy so much. Grupo Trimex and flour have allowed me to connect with my past, […]

Flour to me means learning

Nicolas-Vergara World Flour Day 2022

From an early age, flour means learning. I used to run away from school to learn the art of baking. Some time ago I learned about Centro de Atención Múltiple (CAM), which provides care and training for children and young people with disabilities, as part of a community support program.I had the opportunity to learn […]

Flour means a lot to me!

Ana-Karina-Roch World Flour Day 2022

Flour means a lot to me! With flour, you can make many delicious treats. Daily, people consume many products made from flour. It is part of our diet! I know and enjoy making many tasty desserts. The most important thing is that I am part of the flour industry. I really like my job! Ana […]

Flour helps to develop my creativity

Erika-Quilla- World Flour Day 2022

Flour is a versatile ingredient that helps develop my creativity day by day with new challenges to solve.My inspiration and passion is centered on the experiences created around flour. Experiences that have been generated throughout my life: in my childhood, baking cakes and cookies with my family. As a teenager experimenting recipes with friends and […]

Flour to me means to transcend

Rosa-Lina-Figueroa World Flour Day 2022

Flour means to transcend, because it starts as a seed to become the fruit of wheat. Then, it turns into flour, showing us that after life, there is also life; opening a world of possibilities for the creation of delicious foods, traditions and works of art. It is a symbol of effort, represented with the […]

Flour to me is life

Gabriela Galván World Four Day 2022

Flour to me is life. It is the livelihood of many farmers, the daily effort of those who work in a mill and the food of many people. Its versatility and uses, never cease to amaze me. Seeing our flour packages in stores and people putting them in their shopping carts makes me feel proud! […]

Flour to me is a way of life!

Luis-Cortes World Flour Day 2022

flour and wheat enigmatic and complexa living being of millenary agehistory and current affairsthe origin of civilizations and culturesinspires and motivatesunites and builds relationshipsthe result of hard and tenacious workrequires dedication and effortit is science and it is artcommitment and sacrificestudy and vocation It is a way of life!It is the result of doing, professionally, […]

Flour to me means opportunity

Genoveva-Rojas World Flour Day 2022

Coming to Grupo Trimex and getting involved in the process and transformation of the wheat changed my perspective. Seeing the flour on the table and consuming it fills me with pride, as I am part of making it possible! The work behind a sack of flour, represents the work, effort, dedication and commitment of many […]